We are established scientists and engineers with many years of R&D and operating experience in the oil and gas industry, especially in the area of logging, drilling, and geophysical services. Specifically, we provide

  1.   Oilfield Logging Services

    • Wireline logging
    • LWD
    • Crosswell Logging
    • Production Logging
    • Logging Analysis


  2.  Oilfield Drilling Services

    • Turnkey Drilling Services
    • Drilling design
    • Drilling well control advisory services
    • Drilling risk mitigation
    • Drilling simulation
    • Drilling blowout control services
    • Well placement services
    • Magnetic ranging services
    • Logging while drilling (LWD)
    • Drilling telemetry

    Please visit our drilling website for more details.

  3.  Geophysical Services

    • Electromagnetic survey
    • Seismic survey
    • Modeling and inversion
    • Full Waveform Inversion (FWI)
    • Joint Inversion


  4. Research and Development Services

    • Tool Design and Development, especially LWD/MWD tool, crosswell tool
    • Modeling and inversion software development
    • Well Logging Interpretation Solutions and Software development
    • Full Waveform Inversion (FWI)


We own proprietary technologies in resistivity/induction logging,  logging while drilling,  crosswell electromagnetic logging, logging through casing and  other electromagnetic geophysical methods.